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Philip: Training Background

A teacher for a day is a teacher for a lifetime...
Special thanks to the following who have greatly influenced my art


My Mother and Father

Joaquin Sahagun: Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing and Western Boxing

Gina Sahagun:  Kickboxing and Basic Weapons


Shaolin Kung Fu Teachers

Zhu Tian Xi:  My first Shaolin Teacher and Mentor - Teacher of Luohan Quan System

Zhu Jin Xi:  For his kindness and instruction in Zui Luohan

Shi Yan Xu:  Martial Arts Mentor and instructor of Da Hong Boxing

Shi Yan Kuan:  Teacher of Shaolin eyebrow height staff & Da Hong Boxing

Shi Yan Hong:  Long time friend and training partner

Shi Yan Ming:  Meditation and Zen teacher while staying in Shaolin Temple

Shi Yan Xun:  Instruction of Shaolin Health exercises and Ba Duan Jin  


Chinese Martial Arts Teachers

Wei jin-lin:  Wushu & Classical Weapons, Theory and Practice

Henny Eleanora: Concepts of Internal Martial Arts and Liu He Men Kung Fu

Eric Chen:  First Contemporary Wushu Coach

Debbie Chen:  Contemporary Wushu Coach

DY Sao:  Wushu Concepts and Jumping Technique


Other Teachers

Bob White:  Kenpo Karate, Theory & Applications

Marcelo Carvalho:  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Coach

David Jansson:  Muay Thai and introduction to Filipino Martial arts

Samuel Rivera:  Training partner and Western Boxing Coach

Marie De La Palme:  Instruction in Floor Bar and Stage Performance

Rollins Hill:  Tang Soo Do Fundamentals and Weaponry



Why Study Martial Arts?

Practicing Martial Arts is a way to connect with a cultural heritage and tradition dating back thousands of years. Each unique system, reflects an understanding of the body, philosophy, and concepts of warfare arising at a historical point in time and exist to this day because they have remained culturally relevant and physically beneficial to practitioners.

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