Each year Philip travels and teaches alongside some of the top martial artists in the world through specialized training camps geared to enhancing a practitioners understanding of the martial arts lifestyle. Camps have been held throughout various parts of the world including North America, Asia and Europe! For more information on this years schedule. Feel free to contact us!


South Coast Martial Arts school was founded in 1993 on the principles of teaching excellence and developing positive role models, under rich traditions from a variety of different arts including: Boxing, Kickboxing, Kenpo Karate, Wushu, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and more! Philip is the head teacher of traditional martial arts at this orange county institution, sharing his knowledge in the arts of Kenpo Karate, Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu. For more information click on the button!

Book Philip Sahagun and his dynamic Kung Fu Heroes to visit your school! Whether you are looking for students to sharpen their minds or give them a doorway into Eastern Culture, the Heroes diversity in topics and interactive workshops always leave a positive impression. TOPICS INCLUDE: Martial Arts Theory, Eastern Philosphy, Meditation, Health Excercise, Motivational Speaking, Shaolin Temple Culture, Modern & Traditional Martial Arts.


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