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K-STAR Training Academy was founded by Philip Sahagun and Ulziibayar Chimed, two former stars of the Cirque Du Soleil stage dedicated to sharing Authentic Martial Arts and Mongolian Contortion with the people of Las Vegas. K-STAR has a team of qualified coaches and passionate teachers, whose mission is to offer high-level courses in a stimulating environment for the entire family. So whether you are looking for a new life goal or want to build up a future champion, we are here to help you along the way

Book Philip Sahagun to visit your school! Whether you are looking for students to sharpen their minds or give them a doorway into Eastern Culture, the diversity in topics and interactive workshops by Philip always leave a positive impression. Shaolin Temple Culture, Fight Choreography, Martial Arts History and various other Modern & Traditional Martial Arts topics.

Each year Philip travels and teaches alongside some of the top martial artists in the world through specialized training camps geared to enhancing a practitioners understanding of the martial arts lifestyle. Camps have been held throughout various parts of the world including North America, Asia and Europe! For more information on this years schedule. Feel free to contact us!


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