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Philip Sahagun (菲利普)

Birth:  July (USA),  Height:  186 cm / 6'
Horoscope:  Cancer   Chinese Zodiac:  Rabbit

Trained at:  South Coast Martial Arts USA / Shaolin Martial Arts Majoring Institute China.

Martial Arts Background

中文 Bio

Beginning his martial arts training at an early age, Philip Sahagun is an accomplished martial arts champion in both forms and fighting. The son of Joaquin Sahagun, a 6th Degree Kenpo Black Belt and founder of the renowned South Coast Martial Arts school in Costa Mesa, California. Philip is a third generation American Martial Arts Master, with an extensive background in Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing, Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu. He is a a 7-time National level Weapons Champion and 3-Time International level Martial Arts Champion. He represented America twice during the World Traditional Wushu Festival in China where he won both gold and silver medals for the US Team.


Philip achieved international status and was named a martial arts prodigy for earning second place in China's "Kung Fu Star" - A televised Martial Arts Competition with over 100,000 contestants, co-sponsored by the Shaolin Temple. He was a contestant on China’s top rated reality competition Jackie Chan’s Disciple and a semi-finalist on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent. Philip toured the world as a ‘Ninja’ performer and Martial Arts choreographer for Tina Turner’s 50th Anniversary World Tour.


As a coach and artist, Philip has developed his own unique style by cross training with top level movement and acting coaches. Today, he continues to share his knowledge with a new generation of athletes, developing National and International level champions of his own at his families school in Southern California. He also founded "Kung Fu Heroes," an elite team of artists whose mission is to spread the wisdom of traditional martial arts in the modern era.


More recently, Philip joined the world renowned company Cirque Du Soleil, performing three years as a solo artist before being appointed an on call Artist coach and Martial Arts Choreographer for the company. Philip has worked on television, film and stage on both sides of the Pacific, he has traveled the world and continues to lead international workshops and seminars on the martial arts.


English & Mandarin Chinese

2010 - present

2010 - present

Notable Clients

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