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Jackie Chan's: The Disciple

​In April of 2007 Jackie Chan announced over his birthday that he was beginning a new reality TV Show series entitled The Disciple (simplified Chinese: 龙的传人:  lit. "Disciple of the Dragon") .The aim of the program was to find a new star, skilled in acting and martial arts, to become Chan's "successor" and student in filmmaking. After sorting through a number of candidates from throughout the world, Philip Sahagun along with his U.S. team mates arrived in Beijing October 2007 to begin filming and face eliminations. As the only "Caucasian" allowed into the competition, Philip faced many challenges, including memorizing and acting in a foreign language, but it was a welcome learning experience.

After four rounds of intense evaluations Philip received a special award for standout performance and made it to the top 20 before facing elimination.

The finalist received training by Jackie Chan Stunt Team members Alan Wu and He Jun and competed in various fields, including explosion scenes, high-altitude wire-suspension, gunplay, car stunts, diving, obstacles courses etc. The regular judges on the program were He Ping, Wu Yue and Cheng Pei Pei. Guest judges included Stanley Tong, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. The "Finals" began on 5 April 2008, with 16 contestants remaining, and concluded on 26 June 2008.

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