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Culture Documentaries

Learn about different facets of China and the Martial arts

Shi Yong Xin Interview: Shaolin in My Heart

A treasure for all Shaolin Aficionados - Shaolin In My Heart - A documentary featuring an interview with the Abbot of Shaolin Temple that discusses history, practice and traditional martial theory. (Chinese Language / English subs)

Discovery Channel: The Seven Wonders of China
Ever want to go to China and see some of the wonderful locations and sites? Discovery Channel brings us closer to the 7 Wonders of ancient China, from its history and architecture.(English)

Discovery Channel: Kendo's Japans Hardest Test
Harder than becoming a lawyer or a surgeon in Japan is becoming a 8th dan Kendo Swordsman. This video chronicles 2 men and their attempt to reach that peak - one is a former National Kendo Champion who has failed the very 1st step of the test 4 times. The other is a 78 year old man who has been taking the test for 24 years.


Way of the Warrior TV Series

Originally broadcast on the BBC in the early 1980s. The Way of the Warrior series offered western audiences a first hand authentic glance into the martial arts world of China and South East Asia please enjoy! - Philip

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