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Orange Belt - Short Form 1

Green Belt - Long Form 2

What is American Kenpo?


American Kenpo Karate is a progressive martial art developed by Ed Parker that rose to prominence in the 1960's, it is a well rounded self-defense system which emphasizes logic over tradition and develops combat skills through the training of freestyle sparring, self-defense techiques and forms. 


Kenpo Karate is uniquly characterized by its ability to blend the hard / linear concepts found in Okinawan / Japanese martial arts with the flowing and circular moments of Chinese Kung Fu. The art contains a variety of methods for punching and kicking, knee and elbow striking, pressure point seizing, joint locking and standing grappling.


In the martial arts world, I am recognized for my work in Kung Fu and Wushu, but my love for martial arts actually began with American Kenpo and Western Boxing, which I trained under my father, Joaquin Sahagun.  These videos are intended for student reference and reflect my personal journey in the arts while training with my family and various other masters. Feel free to share and please enjoy.

Purple Belt - Short Form 2

Brown Belt - Short Form 3

Blue Belt - Long Form 1

Philip Sahagun testing for his third degree Black Belt under notable Kenpo master Bob White.

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