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The Jason Ellis Show

On October 8th 2015, The Jason Ellis Show partnered up with Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity conducting a live 4-hour broadcast from the Zumanity Theater in New York New York. This was broadcast live on SiriusXM Faction Channel 41 as well as through Cirque du Soleil’s Periscope account and The show will continue to be replayed on The Jason Ellis Channel 713.

Throughout the broadcast, Jason welcomed various Zumanity performers for interviews and demonstrations. This included an interview with Philip Sahagun who taught members of the show how to use a whip and the art of seducing the audience.

The following parties provided additional social media support for the event:

  • Jason Ellis (200K Twitter Followers)

  • The Jason Ellis Show (115K Facebook Likes | 14K Twitter Followers)

  • SiriusXM (141K Twitter Followers)

  • Radio Faction (13K Facebook Likes | 12K Twitter Followers)

  • Dave “The Voice” Boyce (18K Instagram Followers)

Watch Video Clips of the event here:

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