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Czech Republic Wrap Up!

It's taken me quite awhile to update the blog section of my website, but nevertheless a few updates... I've always loved travelling, and after some 6 solid months of performing for Cirque Du Soleil our team over at Zumanity was given a two week dark (time off) to rest. I was looking forward to a quick change of scenery before returning to work in Vegas, and fortunately, I was given the perfect opportunity to do so when the Survival Kung Fu Club of Karvina invited me to give a workshop and stay one week in the Czech Republic. The trip was wonderful and for that I owe a great amount of thanks to Natalie Goldwin, Marek Szweda and Master Jaroslav Szweda for making it all happen and taking me to do some incredible things in their country, thank you!

As an added bonus, after a few extra days spent sight seeing, I transfered to Poland to connect with my mothers side of the family and learn more about my Grandfather who fought in World War 2 for the Polish Underground and National Army.

Now back in ‪‎Las Vegas, Nevada, I'm readjusting to a life that is slowly becoming more familiar, I'm trying to stay healthy although I've had a couple of minor injuries along the way. What's next on the agenda? I will be attending the upcoming Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival in San Fransisco headed by Shaolin Abbott Shi Yong Xin and making a brief stop in NYC.

The journey continues!

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