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Hyper Kung Fu Online Launch

Greetings to my martial arts Family! I wanted to talk about a project I have going on called Hyper Kung Fu. In travelling throughout the world I've met a large number of martial arts fans, enthusiasts and instructors who were looking for a program that would compliment their existing training. Something to help gain further insight into one of the most popular yet misunderstood styles of our time, Chinese Kung Fu. As a result, I wanted to bring something to the table that was both tangible and authentic. My answer is Hyper Kung Fu.

By conservative estimation, Chinese Martial Arts have contributed to 90% of martial arts forms originating from Korea, Japan, the Philippines etc. with the earliest references to developed systems of hand to hand combat being found in the Spring and Autumn Annals (dating to early 5th century BCE). Needless to say, there’s a ton of information to draw from.

In moving forward with creating a program that can best represent the myriad of skills found in Chinese Martial Arts, I enlisted the help of two of my long time friends, Rick Jacobs and D.Y. Sao. Both Wushu Champions with backgrounds in traditional Kung Fu who competed at the World Wushu Championships for the U.S. National Team. I’ve also consulted with Master Shi Yan Xu, former head master of Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks and founder of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA to integrate unique movements specific to Shaolin Kung Fu into our Hyper Southern Form and Staff Form.

As a result, the four forms presented in our Hyper Kung Fu program emanates a distinctive modern beauty that draws inspiration from twelve unique styles of Kung Fu: Chang Quan, Cha Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Pi Gua, Nan Quan, Da Hong Quan, Ying Quan, Liu He Dao, Wo Long Dao, Nan Gun, Yin Shou Gun, San Shi Liu Gun.

The program includes:

- 4 Complete Kung Fu Training Modules - Easy to follow 12 Week Training guide - Solid Foundational Training - Combinations Complete Forms 4 Complete Kung Fu Camp Modules- Northern Style 1 Day & 1 Week Planners - Southern Style 1 Day & 1 Week Planners - Broad Sword 1 Day & 1 Week Planners - Long Staff 1 Day & 1 Week Planners

Complete Marketing - Poster, Flyers & More - New Unique Activity Packets including style education & animal styles

Demonstrating the curriculum are five members of the Kung Fu Heroes, a team of athletes who premiered as Quarter Finalists on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent and have joined in large scale performances throughout the globe.

In closing, I’m super exited to see Hyper Kung Fu come to life, and for that I owe a tremendous thanks to the dynamic team at Hyper Martial Arts who have continuously provided tools for innovation by strengthening the bonds between practitioners of various styles and elevating the levels of instruction, training and understanding in our community. I welcome everyone to check it out and please enjoy.

Philip Sahagun

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