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Shaolin Temple Seclusion

From September 18th to October 3rd, Philip Sahagun will be leading a training seclusion to China's Shaolin Temple with senior students from South Coast Martial Arts. During their travel, the team of six will visit important historical sites such as Wudang Mountain (Renowned center for Taoism) and the Shaolin Temple (Ancestral Birthplace of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu).

This year marks the tenth anniversary of overseas seclusion for Philip who began travelling to China at the age of 17 to recieve training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu under the notable Master Zhu Tianxi.

It would only be two years later, that he would achieve an international status after being listed as a martial arts prodigy and future successor of Chinese Martial Arts for earning second place on China's "Kung Fu Star" - A Global televised Martial Arts Competition co-sponsored by the Shaolin Temple.

Stay tuned for more information to follow.

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