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Kung Fu Workshop in Italy

Inspired to return to the origins of “intensive” martial arts training. Henny Eleanora together with Philip Sahagun of the United States and Wang Zhi Hai of China are proud to present the first ever “Kung Fu Trainings Camp” to be held in the beautiful city of Udine nestled in the mountains of Italy. This special three day training camp is designed to be a total immersion, live-in Martial Arts Program, featuring the “real deal in training” complete with modern accomodations. Classes will be held Six to Eight hours each day and will focus on bringing out the true essence of Kung Fu, to benefit everyone regardless of training background. From applications to internal power development you will be learning and absorbing information like never before.

July 24th – 28th, 2014 — Udine, Italy

Training Location: The Village of Piani di Luzza (1.100 meters above sea level) is located in the town of Forni Avoltri, on the border between Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Austria. The beauty of the Dolomites “Pesarine” makes a nice background for the 3 accommodation houses of the village.About 1.000 beds of capability surrounded by sunny meadows and streams, the ideal place for holidays and training camps. The self-service restaurant is recognized by the Italian Celiac Association for gluten-free food. The type of accommodation, the safety and the organization are the ingredients that make Sappada and its Dolomitic Ge.Tur. Village the ideal destination for holidays and training camps, made of nature, sports, health, environment and above all lots of fun. It is the ideal choice for your holiday on the mountains in any season.

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