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2014 Hero Spotlight

For 2014, my teammates over at Kung Fu Heroes created a spotlight campaign and conducted interviews with each member. Check out mine below!

1) What first sparked your interest in Martial Arts?

Getting into martial arts was a family affair, my mother and father opened a martial arts school when I was five years old so I grew up learning from them and training alongside my younger sister Nicole. During my practice the ninja turtles, power rangers and a number of other things brought additional interest. Good times.

2) How long have you been doing Martial Arts?

Over 20 years.

3) What makes Martial Arts/Wushu special to you? How?

The martial arts are a tremendous vehicle to develop one’s wisdom. It constantly provides consistent challenges for self-betterment and helps reveal a pathway to ones inner-self. It isn’t for everybody, yet it can benefit anybody.

4) What keeps you motivated to continue in Martial Arts?

I don’t use motivation. I think when one begins practice motivation in an important tool, but given time, the skills will internalize to the point where it just becomes you.

5) What goes through your mind before you compete?

Oh my, I haven’t competed for a while! Generally speaking, I always had a problem with getting over hyped. So I usually spend time calming my nerves using various relaxation techniques.

6) Do you have a ritual or are there certain preparations before a competition or demo? If so, what are they?

I like to work out or practice the day of the show or demo if possible. I also like to nap before performances. I know, old people stuff.

7) What are the biggest moments in your Martial Arts career?

Taking my students to compete in 2008 in the third Traditional Wushu Festival & performing martial arts during Tina Turner’s 50th Anniversary Tour: Tina Live

8) How old were you when you won your first international competition? In what?

If by International Competition we are talking about another country, I competed in my first overseas competition when I was 19 during the second Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou China and won a gold medal for flexible weapons. Later that year, I also competed in a Traditional Kung Fu Tournament in Germany earning two gold’s.

9) What are some of the weapons forms that you have mastered?

I enjoy working with weapons and have trained with quite a few. I specialize in broadsword, chain whip, three section staff, bullwhip, traditional staff and the Japanese sickle (Kama).

10) How do you hope your experiences can inspire future Martial Artists?

I don’t hope to inspire future martial artists with my experiences. I’ve done a number of things, some are noteworthy, some are rather unbecoming, and in terms of life – my experiences hardly amount to much. If anything, I hope future generations strive to become better people, with more compassion and more strength than the last.

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